2.06 Introduction To Photosynthesis Assignment

Unformatted text preview: through many other processes after that to break down. For every 12 of the three-carbon molecules, two are removed to build organic compounds. The rest continue on in the cycle. The two that are removed form a six-carbon sugar by bonding together. How the carbon molecule is transferred between molecules. Energy: NADPH and ATP, made in the light independent processes of photosynthesis are used as energy for the carbon atom. In the light independent reactions NADPH and ATP are used to enable the carbon atoms to go through many processes breaking it down and removing some of the atoms bonded to them. The energy is also used for the synthesis of glucose and other organic molecules. Journey of A Carbon Atom Glucose is an input and is broken down to make 2 ATP and 2 NADH and 2 Pyruvate. The 2 ATP get used for energy any where and is released. The pyruvate goes on into the Krebs Cycle....
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2.06 Photosynthesis Alternate Assessment2.06 Notes: Intro to Photosynthesis ReactantsProductsPhotosynthesisEnergy (Sun), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Water (H2O)Glucose (C6H12O6) and Oxygen (O2)Cellular RespirationGlucose (C6H12O6) and Oxygen (O2)Energy (ATP), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Water (H2O)Photosynthesis: Energy (Sun) + CO2+ H2O -> C6H12O6+ O2Occurs in the CHLOROPLAST___________________2 steps: Light Dependent and Light Independent (Calvin Cycle)Light reactions in the THYLAKOID membrane of the chloroplast produce O2, ATP, and NADPHCalvin Cycle occurs in the STROMA of the chloroplast and uses CO2, ATP and NADPH to make carbohydrates, such as sugars (glucose)Light DependentLight energy splits the H2O moleculesOXYGEN released to environmentH+ is ‘carried’ by electron carriers (NADP+) to light-independent reactionADP + P is turned into ATPLight IndependentUses __________ from environmentUses the HYDROGEN (carried by NADPH) and ATP from the light dependent reaction as source of energyBuilds C6H12O6molecules (aka, glucose/carbohydrates/sugars)BREAK OUT ROOMS: Names of Partners: ________________________________________________Salads are part of Michael Phelps’s 12,000 calorie per day diet.During photosynthesis, (1) _________ from the sun combines with carbon dioxide and (2) ___________ in the chloroplast of a lettuce leaf cell. Those reactants are converted into glucose for the cell and (3) _____ (which is mostly given off to the atmosphere).

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