Whistler Ski Resort Project Assignment

Whistler Ski Resort Project

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Review Questions
2 – Organization culture can significantly influence the estimates. How the difference of culture appears on human beings can also be seen in an organization. In some organizations, padding estimates is normal and even encouraged in some cases. On the other hand, another organization which is sensitive on estimates can put much more effort to increase the accuracy of the project estimates. It is all about their approach to the project management. Some believe that it is always impossible to predict the future and worthless to spend so much time on it. However, the rest subscribe to the belief that accurate estimates are the key points of effective project management.
3 – Top-down estimates are derived from…show more content…

b) If 20 people are available on the project, then the project duration will be 258 / 200 = 12,9 months. c) If the project must be completed in 6 months, then 258 / 6 = 43 people will be needed.

Review Questions
6-) A lag is the minimum amount of time a dependant activity must be delayed to begin or end. When developing network projects, lags provide flexibility to the project. Lags can be used to constrain the start and end of an activity. When activities of long duration delay the start or finish of successor activities, the network designer normally breaks the activity into smaller activities to avoid long delay of successor activity. Use of lags can avoid such delays and reduce network detail.

12 – The project network is shown below. The red path is the critical path.
This project will take 18 days.
There is one dominant critical path which is through A-> C-> F-> I-> K-> L.
The project network is stable and insensitive.
Forward and bakwards passes are shown in the table.
Only H and J have free slack, while B, D, E, G, H, and J have total slack. | Start Time | Finish Time | Late Start | Late Finish | Free Slack | Total Slack | Prerequsities | Subsystem design | Mon 3/25/13 | Tue 3/26/13 | Mon 3/25/13 | Tue 3/26/13 | 0days | 0days | Subsystem design | Subsystem A design | Wed 3/27/13 | Wed 3/27/13 | Tue 4/9/13 | Tue 4/9/13 | 0days | 9days | Subsystem A design |

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“Whistler Ski Project”Project ObjecTves: A three-year Tmeframe with a budgeted cost of approximately $345 million to construct. Deliverables: Build a world-class weather resistant indoor water-based adventure center on Blackcomb Mountain. Renew both Blackcomb’s lower and upper by adding two high end real estate developments.Milestones: Set three phases as checkpoints on October in 2017, 2018, and 2019.WBS and list of acTviTes, acTvity predecessors, and acTvity Tme.1. Road (66 days) 4/13/16-7/15/16 1.1 Main Road (6 days) 4/13/16-4/20/16 1.2 Upper Permanent Road (24 days) 6/13/16-7/15/16 2. Day Lodge (102 days) 4/21/16-9/21/16 2.1 Day Lodge FoundaTon (18 days) 4/21/16-5/16/162.2 Day Lodge Main Frame Work (36 days) 4/21/16-6/10/16 2.3 Day Lodge Electrical (60 days) 4/21/16-7/15/16 2.4 Day Lodge Plumbing (102 days) 4/21/16-9/21/163. Chair Li± (124 days) 4/21/16-10/21/16 3.1 Chair Li± ²ower FoundaTon (42 days) 4/21/16-6/20/16 3.2 Chair Li± ²owers (124 days) 4/21/16-10/21/164. Rope ²ow (55 days) 4/21/16-7/8/16 4.1 Rope ²ow FoundaTon (10 days) 4/21/16-5/4/164.2 Rope ²ow ²ower (13 days) 4/21/16-5/9/165. Main Ski (1 day) 4/4/16-4/4/16

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