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Maturity can be defined to as the development of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and volitional capacity of an individual. Other people refer to it as the ability of an individual to act responsibly. It is believed that adults are supposed to be responsible, and hence mature. However, in this essay, it is asserted that maturity and age are completely different.

About Young People and Maturity

Whereas some people may mature very early, some will take a long time. Currently, young people are exposed to a lot of information from a very tender age. As compared to the past, today, the internet and some television programs offer bulk of information that has adult content. Even so, so many of them do not act responsibly. Rather, they have been involved in irresponsible behaviors such as drugs and substance abuse. Some of them have found it difficult to complete school and any other form of training. Simply, they have been unable to keep long-term commitments. Further still, they are unable to interact with adults well and will be shaken at any sign of flattery or criticism.

In addition, researchers have indicated that young people consume too much adult information that they cannot handle. Since their brain is still being formed, they do not have the emotional capacity and the will to handle all the information. Yet, the society may expect these young ones to act responsibly because they have access to the related information. Naturally, such expectations cause conflicts in schools and at home.

There Are Many Adults Who Do Not Act Maturely

Apart from the young people, there are many adults who can be said to have grown old and failed to mature up. Such people may have had a wrong upbringing and hence were not prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood. Psychologists indicate that parents have the greatest role when it comes to the maturity of an individual. Yet, most parents are either busy in their work places, or are misinformed about brining up their children. As a result, there are many adults today who are yet to mature.

Some of qualities of a mature person include the ability to apply wisdom is decision making, showing empathy, being able to express gratitude, being humble while relating with others, and being committed to finish all tasks. Certainly, not all adults can be said to possess such qualities. It is, therefore, affirmed that being mature has little or nothing to do with the age of an individual.

Maturation of Jem and Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

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Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird Jem and Scout change tremendously. They do not change physically, but rather mentally. Their maturation can be seen as the novel progresses and by the end of the story they seem to be two completely different people. As the novel goes on, the reader can see that Jem and Scout mature even when the rest of the town does not.
In part one, Jem and Scout are terrified of Boo Radley because of stories they have heard. They have never actually seen or talked to him and yet they are still children and believe most of the things they hear. The stories about Boo eating cats and squirrels are enough to scare them out of their shoes. The children love to play the game they made called “Boo Radley” which always…show more content…

In part one, Jem gets mad at Mrs. Dubose and decides to kill some of her flowers. When Atticus finds out, he makes him read to the sick old woman on a regular basis until she passes on. Atticus tells Jem that she was addicted to morphine and she was very sick. Jem realizes that what he did is wrong. Maturation can even be seen here when he understands the situation Mrs. Dubose was in. Also in part one, Scout gets into several fights at school. Every time someone makes fun of her or someone in her family she beats them up. Atticus tells her it is wrong to solve her problems this way and to stop fighting no matter what someone says. She doesn’t listen until part two when she stops fighting people altogether. This shows tremendous maturation on her part because she has gotten past the childhood habit of fist fighting when she had a problem with someone. Both of these acts show the children’s progressive maturation.
One other sign of maturation can be seen in the children’s level of respect for Atticus. In part one, Jem and Scout love Atticus but think he is old and not very exciting. Jem is always upset because Atticus will never play tackle football with him. Scout is always getting into fights and doesn’t listen immediately to Atticus when he tells her to stop. A huge change is seen in part two when the children realize how great of a man and a parent Atticus really is. Jem no longer minds that Atticus

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