Middle School Narrative Essay Ideas

These narrative essay prompts for junior high students provide a launching place from which they can engage in valuable writing opportunities. Immersed in the act of storytelling, young writers will learn to organize thoughts chronologically, include concrete details, and avoid rabbit trails.

1. Special Delivery

Write an essay about the time an unexpected visitor came to your door. What changed in your family or your home because of this person?

2. Journey Home

Tell the story of a relative or ancestor who immigrated to the United States. Highlight a few of the challenges they faced while building a new life. If you only know a small part of the story, consider creating a tale of historical fiction by weaving in details that may or may not have happened.

3. Reach for the Gold

With vivid, descriptive writing, relate the true story of an underdog who won a contest, earned a scholarship, or worked hard to become wealthy.

4. Planting Seeds

Write a narrative about one of the original settlers of your hometown. Why did this individual choose to settle there? What resulted from that choice?

5. Into Darkness

Write the story of a brave doctor, missionary, or relief worker who changed a community for the better. Can you foreshadow the ending with a detail from this person’s childhood or early life? 

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A List Of Unusual Narrative Essay Topics For Middle School

Narrative essays are common part of most of the middle school assignments. Most of the teachers are in search of striking topics so that students can always learn more than expected in terms of organizational structure, transitions, introduction and conclusion writing. Often there focus is to enhance effective dictions and other modes of expression to convey their messages.

Following is the list of unusual narrative essay topics for middle school students.

  1. Narrate an incidence where an idea hit in your mind and it brought a revolution in someone’s life. The idea could be bringing change in someone’s health, helping someone needy or assisting someone who was in desperate requirement of money.
  2. Describe any of your childhood events - good or bad. Write the essay in such a way that even your bad experience turned into a positive teaching. For example your broken leg motivated you to utilize your time and learn Computers.
  3. Write a narrative topic where you were encouraged to take teaching as a profession. Your story could revolve around teaching your younger siblings, your friends to swim or any other event that made people appreciate you as a great teacher.
  4. Narrate an event where you hated change but were bound to accept it. The change could be related with exchanging your study room with your elder sister’s bedroom. Relate it with Vastu Science and discuss its positive outcomes.
  5. Write a descriptive essay where you attended a wedding that was devoid of any customs and traditions. How you felt? Discuss the liveliness it could have been with rituals and customs.
  6. Discuss a scenario where you took a stand that required lot of courage to speak for someone’s rights. It could be speaking in the class in favor of your friend and informing the teacher about the mishap that he encountered a few days back. Specify the incident and your experience after the incident was over.
  7. Narrate an incidence when you were lost in the lonely lanes of your newly shifted colony and you did not have the home address in your hand.
  8. Talk about - ‘The crazy meal’ you have eaten so far.
  9. What you would do if you could go back into the past time?
  10. The weirdest thing you watched in your colony.
  11. The experience as a deaf person.
  12. The place of my imagination.
  13. One habit that I could change about myself.
  14. How I gained weight? The huge transformation from being skinny to turning obese.
  15. The teacher’s reaction when she saw student breaking the classroom glass intentionally.
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