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On the foundations of poetics. Methodological prolegomena to a generative grammar of literary texts.
Paper Int. Colloquium 'Zur wissenschaftstheoretischen Grundlegung der Literaturwissenschaft', Karlsruhe, 1970. Poetics 5, 1972, 84-118.

Some problems of generative poetics.

Paper Int. Symposium on French and Russian semiotics, Nitra (CSSR), 1970. Poetics 2, 1971, 5-35.

Foundations For Typologies of Texts
In Semiotica (1972) 6(4): 297-323.

Models for text grammars.
Paper 4th Int. Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Bucharest, 1971. Linguistics 105, 1972, 35-68.

A note on linguistic macrostructures. 
Paper 7th Linguistic Colloquium, Nijmegen, 1972. In: A.P. Ten Cate & P. Jordens, (Eds.) Linguistische Perspektiven. Tuebingen: Niemeyer, 1973, 75-87.

Text grammar and Text logic.
Paper int. Symposium on Textlinguistics, 'Zur Form der textgrammatischen Basis', Constance, 1972. In: J.S. Petoefi & H. Rieser, (Eds.) Studies in Text Grammar . Dordrecht: Reidel, 1973, 17-78

Formal semantics of metaphorical discourse. 
 Poetics 4, 1975, 173-198.

Action, action description, narrative.
New Literary History 6, 1975, 273-294

Discourse meaning and memory.
Review article of W. Kintsch, The Representation of Meaning in Memory. Journal of Reading Behavior 8, 1976.

Philosophy of action and theory of narrative.  
5, 1976, 287-332.

Narrative macrostructures.
Cognitive and logical foundations.
 PTL 1, 1976, 547-568.

Pragmatics, presuppositions and context grammars
In: S.J. Schmidt, (Ed.) Pragmatik/Pragmatics II . Munich: Fink, 1976, 53-82.

Context and cognition.
Knowledge frames and speech act comprehension.
 Journal of Pragmatics 1, 1977, 211-232.

Acceptability in context.
In: S. Greenbaum (Ed.), Acceptability in Language . (pp. 39-62). : Mouton, 1977.

Pragmatic macrostructures in discourse and cognition.
In: M. de Mey, et al., (Eds.) CC 77 . (pp. 99-113). , 1977.

Semantic Macro-Structures and Knowledge Frames in Discourse Comprehension. 
 In Marcel Adam Just and Patricia A. Carpenter (Eds.) Cognitive Processes in Comprehension. Hillsdale: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1977.

Sentence topic and discourse topic.
Papers in Slavic Philology,
1, 1977, 49-61.

Towards a model of text comprehension and production
With Walter Kintsch. Psychological Review 85, 1978, 363-394.

A note on the partial equivalence of text grammars and context grammars.
In: M. Loflin & J. Silverberg, (Eds.) Discourse and inference in cognitive anthropology . (pp. 135-144). : Mouton, 1978. 

Logical and natural connectives
In: J.S. Petoefi, (Ed.) Logic and the formal theory of natural language. Selective Bibliography. Hamburg: Buske, 1978, 213-220.

Advice on Theoretical Poetics
In Poetics 8 (1979). 569-608

Cognitive processing of literary discourse.
Poetics Today, 1, 1979, 143-160.

Pragmatic connectives.
Journal of Pragmatics,
3(1979), 447-456.

Recalling and summarizing complex discourse. 
In: W. Burghardt & K. Holker, (Eds.) Textverarbeitung/ Text Processing . Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, 1979, 49-118.

Relevance assignment in discourse comprehension.
Discourse Processes 2, 1979, 113-126.

The pragmatics of literary communication. 
Paper Int. Conference on Methodological Problems of Text and Context, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 1977. In: E.Forastieri-Braschi, G. Guinness & H. Lopez-Morales, (Eds.) On text and context . Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico: Editorial Universitaria, 1980, 3-16. Also in A.12.

The semantics and pragmatics of functional coherence in discourse.

In: A. Ferrara, (Ed.) Speech act theory: Ten years later . Special issue of Versus (Milano), 26/27, 1980.   

Story comprehension. An introduction.
Poetics 9, 1980, 1-21.

Strategic Discourse Comprehension
In Linguistica Testuale. Atti del XV congreso internazionale di studi: Genova. 8-10 maggio 1981.

Episodes as units of discourse analysis.
In: Deborah Tannen (Ed.), Analyzing Discourse: Text and Talk. (pp. 177-195). Georgetown: Georgetown University Press, 1981.

Opinions and attitudes in discourse comprehension.
In: J.F. Le Ny & W. Kintsch, (Eds.) Language and comprehension. Amsterdam: North Holland, 1982, 35-51.

Relevance in text and context.
In: S. Allen, (Ed.) Text processing . : Almqvist & Wiksell, 1982, 415-432. 

Discourse studies and education.
Applied Linguistics, 2, 1981, 1-26.

Pragmática de la comunicación literaria.
In: J. A. Mayoral (Ed.), Pragmática de la comunicación literaria . (pp. 170-194). : Arco.

Towards an empirical pragmatics.
Some social psychological conditions of speech acts.
Philosophica 27, 198X, 127-138.

The cognitive representation of attitudes and prejudice. 
In Forum linguisticum, Vol 7: 3, 1983.

Dialogue and cognition
In: L. Vaina & J. Hintikka, (Eds.) Cognitive constraints on communication. Dordrecht: Reidel, 1983, 1-18

Cognitive situation models in discourse production. The expression of ethnic situation models in prejudiced stories.
In: J.P. Forgas, (Ed.) Language and social situations . (pp. 61-79). : Springer, 1985.

Discourse analysis: Its development and application to the structures of news.
Journal of Communication 33/2, 20-43.

Introduction: Discourse analysis as a new cross-discipline
In: van Dijk, (Ed.) Handbook of Discourse Analysis (C3), 1985. (C.3.), Vol. 1., pp. 1-10.

Introduction: Levels and dimensions of discourse analysis. 
In: van Dijk, (Ed.) Handbook of Discourse Analysis (C3) 1985. (C.3.), Vol. 2., pp. 1-11

Introduction: Dialogue as discourse and interaction.
In: van Dijk, (Ed.) Handbook of Discourse Analysis (C3) 1985. (C.5.), Vol. 3., pp. 1-11

Introduction: The role of discourse analysis in society. 1983.
In: van Dijk, (Ed.) Handbook of Discourse Analysis (C3) 1985. (C.5.), Vol. 4., pp. 1-8

Introduction: The common roots of the studies of discourse and literature.   
In: van Dijk, (Ed.) Discourse and Literature, pp. 1-9. 1985. (C.4.)

Introduction: Discourse analysis in (mass) communication research.   
In: van Dijk, (Ed.) Discourse and Communication , 69-93, 1985. (C.5.)

Semantic discourse analysis.
In: Teun A. van Dijk, (Ed.) Handbook of Discourse Analysis, vol. 2. (pp. 103-136). : Academic Press, 1985.

Structures of news in the press.
In: van Dijk, (Ed.) Discourse and Communication . : De Gruyter, 1985, pp. 69-93.

News schemata.
In: S. Greenbaum & Cooper, (Eds.) Studying Writing. Linguistic approaches , pp. 155-186. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage, 1986.   

Discourse analysis and computer analysis. A few notes for discussion
In Corpus linguistics and beyond. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1987.

Episodic models in discourse processing
In: R. Horowitz & S.J. Samuels, (Eds.) Comprehensing oral and written language , 161-196. New York: Academic Press, 1987

Semantics of a press panic: The Tamil "invasion".
European Journal of Communication
, 3, 1987, 167-187.

How They Hit the Headlines. Ethnic Minorities in the Press.
In: Geneva Smitherman & Teun A. van Dijk (Eds.), Discourse and Discrimination. (pp. 221-262). Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Mediating racism. The role of the media in the reproduction of racism. 
Short version In R. Wodak (Ed.), Language, Power and Ideology , 1989, pp. 199-226.

Race, riots and the press. An analysis of editorials in the British press about the 1985 disorders.
Gazette , 43, 1989, 229-253.

'Relevance' in logic and grammar.
Paper Int. Congress on Relevance Logics, St. Louis, 1974. University of Amsterdam, Dept. of General literary studies. Section of Discourse Studies. 1974. In J. Norman & R. Sylvan (Eds.), Directions in relevant Logic . Dordrecht: Reidel, pp. 25-57, 1989.

Social cognition and discourse.
In: H. Giles & R.P. Robinson (Eds.), Handbook of social psychology and language . (pp. 163-183). : Wiley, 1989. 

Social cognition, social power and social discourse. 
Paper for the International Conference on Social Psychology and Language. Bristol, July 1987. TEXT, 8, 129-157. Text 8 (1988).

New developments in Discourse Analysis (1978-1988).  Journal of Interdisciplinary literary studies , 119-145. 1989.

Structures and strategies of discourse and prejudice. Social psychological and methodological perspectives
In: J.P. van Oudenhoven & T.M. Willemsen (Eds.), Ethnic minorities. Social psychological perspectives. (pp. 115-138). Amsterdam/Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger, 1989.

Structures of discourse and structures of power. 
In J.A. Anderson (Ed.), Communication Yearbook 12, pp. 18-59. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1989.

Editorial: Discourse analysis with a cause.  
Review of Books 2.1. (1991) 1-2.

Issues in functional discourse analysis. 
In H. Pinkster (Ed.), Liber Amicorum for Simon Dik . (pp. 27-46). Dordrecht: Foris, 1990.

The interdisciplinary study of news as discourse.
In: K. Bruhn-Jensen & (Eds.), Handbook of Qualitative Methods in Mass Communication Research. (pp. 108-120). : Routledge, 1991.

Discourse and the denial of racism. 
Discourse & Society, 3 (1992), 87-118.

Racism and argumentation: "Race Riot" Rhetoric in Tabloid Editorials.
In: F. H. van Eemeren, et al. (Eds.), Argumentation illuminated. (pp. 242-259).: Foris, 1992.

Racism, elites and conversation.
Atlantis. Revista de la Asociacion española de estudios anglo-norteamericanos,
14 (1/2), 1992, 201-257.

Text, talk, elites and racism.
Discours Social/Social Discourse (), 4 (1/2), 1992, 37-62.

Theses on the Rise of European Racism, and How to Combat it.
Socialist Studies Bulletin , 30, 1992, 17-23.

Analyzing racism through discourse analysis. Some methodological reflections.
In: J. Stanfield (Ed.), Race and ethnicity in Research Methods . (pp. 92-134). : Sage, 1993. 
Socialist Studies Bulletin , 30, 1992, 17-23.

Denying racism: Elite discourse and racism.
In: J. Solomos & J. Wrench (Eds.). Racism and Migration in . (pp. 179-193). : Berg, 1993.

Discourse and cognition in society.
In D. & D. Mitchell, Communication Theory Today. (pp. 107-126). : Pergamon Press, 1993.

Principles of critical discourse analysis.
Discourse & Society , 4(2), 1993, 249-283.

Stories and Racism.
In: D. Mumby (Ed.). Narrative and social control . (pp. 121-142). : Sage, 1993.

Discourse and Inequality.
Keynote address Int. Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), , June 29, 1990.
Lenguas Modernas (Universidad de Chile), 21 (1994), 19-37

Aims of Critical Discourse Analysis.
Japanese Discourse , 1 (1), 17-28, 1995.

Discourse analysis as ideology analysis.
In: C. Schäffner & A. Wenden (Eds.), Language and Peace . (pp. 17-33). Aldershot: Publishin,. 1995.

Elite discourse and the reproduction of racism.
In: R. K. Slayden & D. Slayden (Eds.) Hate Speech. (pp. 1-27). : Sage, 1995.

Ideological discourse analysis.
New Courant (English Dept, ), 4 (1995), 135-161.
Special issue Interdisciplinary approaches to Discourse Analysis , ed. by Eija Ventola and Anna Solin.

The mass media today.
Discourses of domination or diversity?
Javnost/The Public (), 2(2), 1995, 27-45.

Discourse semantics and ideology.
Discourse & Society, 6(2), 243-289.

On macrostructures, mental models and other inventions. A brief personal history of the
Kintsch-Van Dijk Theory. 

In Charles Weaver III, Suzanne Mannes, & Charles R. Fletcher (Eds.)., Discourse comprehension. Essays in honor of Walter Kintsch. (pp. 383-410). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1995

Power and the news media.
In D. Paletz (Ed.), Political Communication and Action. (pp. 9-36). , : Press, 1995.

Discourse, power and access.
In Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard and Malcolm Coulthard (Eds.), Texts and Practices. Readings in Critical Discourse Analysis . (pp. 84-104). London: Routledge, 1996.

Cognitive context models and discourse.
In M. Stamenow (Ed.). Language Structure, Discourse and the Access to Consciousness . (pp. 189-226). : Benjamins, 1997.

Political discourse and racism.
Describing Others in Western Parliaments.

In S. H. Riggins (Ed.), The Language and Politics of Exclusion. Others in Discourse. (pp. 31-64). : -Sage, 1997.

What is political discourse analysis?.  
Key-note address Congress Political Linguistics. Antwerp, 7-9 -December 1995. In Jan Blommaert & Chris Bulcaen (Eds.), Political linguistics.(pp. 11-52). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1997

Opinions and ideologies in the press. 
Paper Round Table on Media Discourse, Cardiff, July 8-10, 1995. Published in Allan Bell and Peter Garrett (Eds.), Approaches to Media Discourse. (pp. 21-63). Oxford: Blackwell, 1998.

Context and Experience Models in Discourse Processing.
In Herre van Oostendorp & Susan Goldman (Eds.), The construction of  mental representations during reading. (pp. 123-148). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1999. 

Media, Racism and Monitoring
In Kaarle Nordenstreng & Michael Griffin (Eds.),
International Media Monitoring. (pp. 307-316). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 1999.
The Reality of Racism. 
On analyzing parliamentary debates on immigration. In Guido Zurstiege (Hrsg.), Festschrift. Für die Wirklichkeit (=Festschrift for Siegfried Schmidt). (pp. 211-226). : Westdeutscher Verlag, 2000.

Ideologies, racism, discourse: Debates on immigration and ethnic issues.
In: Jessika ter Wal & Maykel Verkuyten (Eds.), Comparative perspectives on racism. (pp. 91-116). Aldershot etc.: Ashgate, 2000.

On the analysis of parliamentary debates on immigration.
In M. Reisigl & R. Wodak (Eds.), The semiotics of racism. Approaches to critical discourse analysis. (pp. 85-103). : Passagen Verlag, 2000.

New(s) Racism: A discourse analytical approach.
In: Simon Cottle (Ed.),  Ethnic Minorities and the Media.(pp. 33-49). : Open University Press, 2000.

Discourse, ideology and context.
Folia Linguistica, XXX/1-2, 2001, 11-40.

Political discourse and Ideology
In Clara Ubaldina Lorda &  Montserrat Ribas (Eds.), Anàlisi del discurs polític. (pp. 15-34). Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. IULA, 2002.

Political discourse and political cognition.
In Paul A. Chilton & Christina Schäffner (Eds.), Politics as Text and Talk. Analytical approaches to political discourse. (pp. 204-236). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2002.

The Discourse-Knowledge Interface.
In Gilbert Weiss & Ruth Wodak (Eds.), CriticalDiscourse Analysis. Theory and Interdisciplinarity. (pp. 85-109). Houndsmills, UK: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2003

Knowledge in parliamentary debates.
Journal of Language and Politics ,
2(2003), 93-129.Special issue on identity politics. Ed. by Paul Chilton.

Specialized discourse and Knowledge
A case study of the discourse of modern genetics. En E. M. Morato, A. C. Bentes & M. L. Cunha Lima (Eds.), Homenagem a Ingedore Koch. Cadernos de Estudos Lingüisticos 44, Unicamp, Campinas, Brasil, 2003, pp. 21-56.

Knowledge and News. 
Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses 49, noviembre 2004, pp. 71-86.

Discourse, knowledge and ideology.
In Martin Pütz, JoAnne Neff & Teun A. van Dijk (Eds.),  Communicating Ideologies. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Language, Discourse and Social Practice. (pp. 5-38). 2004.

Discourse and Racism in Spain
Lecture APAC-ELT, Barcelona 27 de febrero de 2004. Apac 53 (2005), 19-25.

From text grammar to critical discourse analysis.
Academic autobiography. Version 2.0. Unpublished, August 2004.

Racist Discourse
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Text and context of parliamentary debates.
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War Rhetoric of a Little Ally. Political implicatures of Aznar's Legitimization of the War in Iraq.
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Contextual knowledge management in discourse production. A CDA perspective.
Published in Ruth Wodak and Paul Chilton (Eds.), A New Agenda in (Critical) Discourse Analysis. (pp. 71-100) Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2005

Politics, ideology and discourse.
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Discourse and manipulation.
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Discourse, context and cognition.
Discourse Studies
, 8(1), 159-177, 2006.

Racism and the Press in Spain .
In José Luis Blas, Manuela Casanova, Mónica Velando & Javier Vellón (Eds.), Discurso y Sociedad II. Nuevas contribuciones al estudio de la lengua en un contexto social. (pp. 59-99). Castelló de la Plana: Universitat Jaume I.

Comments on Context and Conversation.
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Ideology and Discourse Analysis. 
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Macro Contexts.
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The study of discourse: an introduction.
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News, Discourse and Ideology.
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Political Identities in Parliamentary Debates.
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Discourse and Ideology.
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Teaching Ethnic Diversity in Journalism School
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Discourse and Knowledge
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Sociocognitive Discourse Studies
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Parliamentary Discourse

Teun A. van Dijk

Universitat Pompeu Fabra,

teun at discourses dot org

March 2006

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