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Essay On Hill Stations for Outstanding Students of Matric, F.A, FSC and B.A

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A Visit to a Hill Station Essay for 2nd Year, FSC and Graduation (Outstanding Students)

“There is Pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes
I love not man the less. but nature more.”

it is in human nature to look forward to moments of joy and pleasure. So man started to create places of recreation. He settles for nothing but the best. After ages of search, he came to the conclusion that there is no better creator than God. The places left untouched by the evil clutches of humans proved to be the perfect shelter.

Life itself is very tiresome. Everybody needs to be reminded to take a break and look around himself and enjoy the moment. I, like students of today, live a busy life but I believe that one should spare some time for recreation. I would like to narrate the most memorable visit to a hill station.

My friends and I made a programme to go to the pleasing and relaxing atmosphere of a hill station. We picked Murree as our destination. On the appointed day. we packed our bags and went to a bus station. After 4 hour travelling. we finally reached there. We rented a local car and started the climb towards the pine trees. The weather was perfect. Sunlight was streaming through the leaves. The cool fresh air relaxed us and cooled our mind. The top of the mountains was behind a curtain of clouds with a few pine tree tops.

The hotels were quite expensive but we found one with moderate charges and lodged there. We went to the window and were amazed. The window opened to a mountainside and it was covered completely with different coloured flowers. We stood gazing for a while and then planned our day.

First, we climbed all the way to Kashmir point. We had tea there. The beautiful mountains and the clean, fresh air made me feel alive. I never wanted to turn my eyes away from the evergreen trees. Everything seemed too good to be true, too pretty to last. it made time itself stop.

“In the woods, is perpetual youth.”

it was evening time and we got back to the Mall Road. This road was thronged with the pedestrians. People wearing warm clothes seemed to be enjoying the lovely weather. The high mountains behind the hotels were presenting the marvellous view. We had the chance to look and observe various artefacts and handicrafts. We bought some handicrafts and other items especially prepared by the local people and went back to our hotel.

We were all tired and decided to sleep so that we could get up early to see the sunrise. The next morning, a friend awoke me at seven o’clock and asked me to come outside. I stumbled and reached the door. At this time most of the people were still asleep and it was all quiet. The sun was peaking between two mountains. The clouds spread all across the mountain were reflecting the sunlight and giving off different shades. The purple, red, orange, yellow, and blue patches of the sky seemed unreal. I had never seen anything so beautiful. The birds and trees seemed to be celebrating it. The trees bowed down by the wind looked as if they hailed the majestic sun. I sighed and was filled with a desire to drink the sunlight.

“Take a deep breath and look around, you will find perfection and serenity nowhere but in God’s creation.” (LA Stear)

We went back to the hotel for breakfast. We wanted to catch a bus early to get back home. I didn’t want to leave. The View of the trees. the flowers, the chirping birds. the bright green leaves, the crystal clear water streams, the 4 majestic mountains occupied my mind. But we had to leave. we took the bus. The descent was uneven, but not without its joys. Slowly the mountains started to fade from view. Though we left the hill station, a glorious place, the memory of it was fresh in my mind. I never want to forget the beauty of nature.

When I remember those days I start singing these beautiful verses of William Wordsworth.

“Oh there is blessing in this gentle breeze,
That blows from the green fields and from the clouds,
And from the sky: it beats against my cheek,
And seems half-conscious of the joy it gives.”

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2. Short Essay on A visit to a Hill Station for 10th Class, 2nd Year and Graduation

Recreation trips are a part of life. They increase our knowledge and experience. They provide us with fun and joy. They refresh our mind.

It was a pleasant day of summer. We decided to visit Murree Hills. We hired a bus and left for Murree at nightfall. The bus was new. At about 8 am, we reached Murree. We got a few rooms in a hotel. First of all, we had a hot bath, enjoyed lunch and took a rest for sometime. In the evening, we went out. It was really a lovely weather. Suddenly it began drizzling. The cool breeze was fanning our faces. It was nearly getting dark when we returned.

The next day we visited Patriata. We sat in the cable car. It was so wonderful to look down sitting in the cable car. The view below simply seemed to be a fairyland. At last, we reached Patriata Hills. We stayed there till 5 pm. On our way back to Murree, we stayed for some time in Wonderland Park. We reached Murree at night. The next day, we visited the nearby valleys. We stayed in Murree for three days. Then we returned to our city. The trip came to an end. But we will never forget the fun we had during the trip.

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It is quite hot in Delhi during the summer season. May and June are the hottest months. Heat waves lash the people and even claim a few lives. People prefer to remain indoors lest they should suffer a heat stroke. Generally, schools and colleges are closed down and the students are given a summer vacation. Students welcome the summer vacation. It enables them to make a trip out of Delhi.

When the heat becomes unbearable in Delhi, people think of spending a month or two at some hill-station or the other. There is no dearth of hill stations in India. We have Darjeeling in the east, Oottacamund in the south, Mount Abu in the west and Kashmir and Himachal in the north. The most popular hill- stations which are not far from Delhi are Simla, Mussoorie, Nainital, Dalhousie, Kulu, Manali, Srinagar, etc.

Last year, we planned a visit to Kashmir during the summer vacation. As there is unprecedented rush of people going to the hill-stations, we got our seats reserved in advance in the Jammu Tawi express in a sleeper class compartment. We boarded the train at the Delhi Junction and reached Jammu the next morning. The rail journey was quite comfortable. We slept well.

Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

From Jammu we boarded a bus bound for Srinagar. The journey from Jammu to Srinagar is very pleasant because one can see beautiful scenery and hills on both sides of the road. It is, however, tiring to travel by bus because the road in a mountainous region is not smooth. The driver has to be an expert because he has to negotiate sharp turns every now and then. One gets bumps and jerks all the way.

Fortunately, there was no mishap during our journey. We reached Srinagar safely by the fall of night. We stayed in Hotel Banjara. It has an excellent location. It is just on the banks of Dal Lake.

The next day, when we woke up, we had a bird’s eye view of the Kashmir Valley. We were spellbound by its natural beauty, snow-covered mountain peaks, meandering rivulets, lush green parks, lakes, gardens, etc. One is face to face with nature in its pristine glory.

We were convinced at the very outset, that Kashmir is a “Heaven on Earth”. That is why this place attracts thousands of tourists every year not only from India but also from other parts of the world.

First of all we went to the Dal Lake. It is worth seeing. We hired a “Shikara”. It is like a boat, but it is tastefully designed and decorated. It has few seats, but they have cushions. We were served with light refreshment in the boat itself. The water of the lake is crystal clear.

The next day, we visited the two famous gardens of Srinagar; the Shalimar and Nishat Gardens. Our tourist guide told us that these gardens were designed by the Mughal Emperors of India. They had a passion for gardens and wanted to spend as much time as possible in the lap of nature. The lawns of these gardens have been maintained well. There were flowers of rare varieties. The trees were full of fruits. These gardens have fountains of water which keep the atmosphere cool.

Kashmir is known for its natural springs. The best springs of water are Chashma Shahi, Verinag and Anant Nag. The water of these springs is cool, fresh and clear. We were told that the water of these springs, if taken regularly, can help in improving the health. We not only tasted the water of these springs but also brought some in our flasks.

We went to Pahalgam by bus and stayed in a tourist cottage there for a week. Pahalgam is a nice camping ground for tourists. We made it a point to spend our evenings by the riverside. But in the morning, we used to go on a stroll on foot or ride a pony.

Next we visited Gulmarg. It has a beautiful landscape and is surrounded by high mountain peaks covered with snow. Gulmarg has been developed into a centre of winter sports to attract foreign tourists even in winter. I also joined a 7-days course in skating on snow. I picked up this game very well.

We took a number of snaps of the beautiful places, the snow-covered mountains, Dal Lake, etc. These snaps will remind us about the nice time spent by us in the valley of Kashmir and its beautiful scenery.

We also did some shopping in Kashmir. We bought honey, saffron, fruit and a few woollen shawls. We returned to Delhi after spending one month in Kashmir. Though the visit was only for one month, yet it improved my health a lot. I will never forget this visit to the beautiful valley of Kashmir. I wish I could go to this hill-station every year.

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