Ttmik Level 5 Lesson 6 Homework


Chapter 6 Tasks


 Lexis and Grammar



 Grammar Activity

In this task, you are going to plan a grammar activity to teach the

present simple as a future tense

 (do some research if you need to refresh your memory of this grammar point). Your class is

 low-intermediate level

 adult students who have already learned the present simple as a present tense.

Prepare an activity that addresses the

meaning and use aspect

of this grammar point.

You should follow the activity template. Do not forget to include:

Clear instructions to students.

Attach any worksheets or prompts that you are going to use (cite any sources).

A summary of any problems your students may encounter during the activity.

Time estimates for each stage.

A rationale explaining how your activity addresses meaning and use.

Learning clothing vocabulary (Beginning to Intermediate Learners):


Introduce clothing vocabulary from a reading or listening exercise, or using picture flashcards. 2.

Look in your closet or go to discount stores looking hats, pants, shoes, shirts, or any of the other objects the class was learning about. 3.

Clear the center of the classroom to make a runway. 4.

Ask for a brave volunteer and then take him out into the hallway and let him choose two or three pieces to wear. 5.

When the student comes back in the classroom, turn on music and for 30 seconds or so he could strut his stuff in front of giggling classmates. 6.

Once the music stops, the first person who raised their hand and could tell me what the dressed up student was wearing "Henry is wearing pink shoes, a green shirt, and a big yellow hat", s/he would be next to get a walk down the runway.

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